Week in review #1

Kia Ora!

Goodness, it has been a few days since i last posted!

I have been super busy with life the past week, from working to applying for my UK Visa (which is a post in itself) to going to Dunedin for a few days to celebrate my friends 21st as well as a having just a catch up!

I won't go into too much detail as to what i got up to in Dunedin (as it was mostly chilling and catching up with friends), but i thought i would just post a gallery of pictures which kind of summed up my weekend!

It was super weird being back in Dunedin and not being a student! And if i'm honest, i don't really miss it either! Sure, i miss the social aspect and being able to do so many things within the city, but i feel like i have grown up a little since graduating, and the things i loved doing last year aren't exactly what i love doing now- i hope this makes sense :)

I guess priorities change! Nothing negative, just a little insight into my wee life :)

We got breakfast at Starfish (which is one of my favourite brunch places in the city), went to the Public Art Gallery as well as exploring Sandfly Bay - a place i never went in my three years living there.

I hope you enjoy the pictures & i shall see you soon!

Lots of love

Liv xx


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