Up's & Down's of April, 2017

I'm sitting here on my couch with the open fire going, thinking about ideas i want to bring to this blog, and i thought i would start a monthly 'Up's and Down's', as i personally L O V E reading these on peoples blogs, as i learn more about the writer as well as learning new things myself!



- Easter. Although i had to work on Easter Sunday & Monday, i went away with a few of my friends to Riverton (which i love) and had an absolute banger of a night there. Oh and i got a bucket of Crispy Speckled M&M's which just topped off the holiday!!

- GIRLBOSS. New show on Netflix. binged it and loved every minute of it. It truly inspired me with all my dreams and aspirations. Such a groovy series & 100% recommend to any one!

- Autumn. My second favourite season of the year (just behind summer). I love Queenstown in Autumn, with all the colours of the trees changing a stunning golden red colour. and of course, you cant beat the Autumn Festival, which is run yearly in Arrowtown. So many good vibes, with awesome food and a parade which is just a good time.

- I got a fringe!! yes. i bit the bullet and decided to change things up. And i have no regrets about it. I'm yet to take a proper selfie with the fringe on full show, but i promise once i have i shall post on here :)

-My friend Liv from uni coming to visit. I havent seen Liv since new years so it was super nice to catch up with her & we ate some 10/10 food!



-Snow. literal snow on the mountains. Mother nature hasn't been too kind to us so far this year & would love to have a proper autumn. I mean, it hailed the other day :( not happy or impressed.

- My friend Bethany leaving. Of course I'm stoked for her to have moved to Melbourne and start a new chapter in her book. But on the other hand, i don't know when I'll see her next.. which is super weird for me!

Music of the month

I am a total basic white girl when it comes to music. I have been loving listening to Sign of the Times - Harry Styles, Selfish - Future & Rihanna and That's what i like - Bruno Mars. I am totally getting back into Bon Iver's 2016 album 22, A Million as well as my Discover Weekly which is updated on Spotify each week.

Piece of clothing

Queenstown's shopping scene doesn't reallyyyy have a lot going for it. We have the typical Jay Jays, Dotti and Glassons, as well as a few of the Australian beachy shops which cost an arm and a leg, as well as a few boutiques which my wallet will never be able to afford. So my one stop shop for clothes is typically Glassons, which i must say is looking pretty good at the moment! I've been kinda changing up my style recently and i have been in love with my mesh top from Glassons. I wear it with a black singlet underneath (as its a little too cold to wear on its own atm) and it just spunks up an outfit. Pair it with a groovy pair of earrings and i'm set!

 So there we have it, my month of April's Up's & Down's. I think it will be really cool (for me) to look back on these in a year and see what i was up enjoying.

Happy May & see you soon!

Lots of love

Liv xx

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