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Well here it comes... the classic blog post of a newly 22 year old (nearly a month ago now tho-whoops!)

Do I feel older? YES! What the hell! I feel like 22 is an age where shit becomes real and you aren't here to fuck spiders. I now have to adult adult. Not semi adult like at uni, but FULLY ADULT!

So what have I learnt in my 22 years on this planet? PLENTY! & I’m still constantly learning
So I thought I would do a quick wee 22 things I have learnt in my 22 years on this planet...I hope you enjoy!

1. Its okay to want/need your own space.
No one should feel like it is a bad thing if they want to chill by themselves for a bit. You do not have to be constantly around people if you do not want too :)

2. Its totally normal and fine not to have had a boyfriend/girlfriend by the time you hit your 20's!
Its funny because all through high school its such a big thing to have a 'boyfriend/girlfriend' but you get to Uni and even after you have left and you realise that people really do not care if you have or haven’t had one. Its not something that should make you insecure or feel like the odd one out because it will eventually happen (still waiting!) and I have met so many people since I’ve left home that haven’t had one either and its actually rather refreshing!

3. You cannot wait for people to follow you
If your heart is telling you to do something, just do it *insert Shia Labeouf's JUST DO IT YouTube video*. A prime example of this was deciding to make the move to London by myself. I was not going to wait for one of my friends to come with me because who knows how long that would be! If you want to do something, just do it! You will seriously regret not taking that opportunity/chance just because you had to do it 'alone' - you always have the support of your family & friends!

4. Not everyone is going to like you
No matter how hard you try to be friends (or more) with someone and they don’t reciprocate don’t be disheartened! Sometimes we just don’t gel with certain people and that’s totally okay! So stop giving a shit about what you think others think about you and surround yourself with people that like/love you!

5. Friendships (or any relationship) are a two way street and require effort!
If it turns into a one-way street, you may need to have a good look at it. Haven’t heard from a friend in a wee while? Chuck them a cheeky FB message and organise a face time! Its something I tend to carry with me and think about a lot if i havent talked to a certain person in awhile, so I just message people if I’m in need of a convo and go from there! Just ensure you make the time as well!

6. Its totally okay to spend your whole Sunday in bed - but don't do it every Sunday!
I am very very guilty of spending the whole Sunday in bed - hungover or not! But don’t make it a recurring thing. I've started having a chill Saturday (sleeping in, watching some YouTube and generally catching up on things) and Sunday doing all my admin things - groceries, washing etc.! Having something planned on a Sunday (like a market or activity) is a great way to keep this 'routine' up. But then again i am a huge advocate for listening to your body; so if your body is telling you that you need to rest - rest up sweet child!

7. Stop comparing yourself to others!
I know, this is a typical message you hear people say nearly every day- but its true!! You have to stop comparing yourself with someone else, whether that is due to his or her body, their personality, their brains (guilty!) or whatever it is. Honestly, as soon as you learn how to stop, you just learn about yourself so much more! Words can’t describe the feeling, but it feels prettyyyy gooood! On a side note, this isn't something that you can 24/7 block out of your mind, but when you realise you are becoming a tad obsessive about the something, you need to fix that mindset and embrace what god gave ya!

8. You don't have to put up with people who make you feel like shit.
Its as easy as saying CYA, and the rest is history. But in all honesty, I feel like through high school and some of uni you are 'friends' with people just because you kind of have to be?? Now I’m not saying these people made me feel like shit at all, but I just don’t necessarily have the same 'lifestyle' as them.
Make time for the people that do give a shit about you and you'll live happily ever after :)

9. Learn that it is okay to treat yo self.
You want that ring but can’t afford it? Save up and buy it! Honestly, it’s worth it when you have that ring on your finger but eating noodles for dinner - the feeling of buying something nice for yourself is nearlyyyy priceless!

10. Say yes to things you genuinely want to do & the rest will follow.
If you have to take extra shifts at work or ask mum and dad for a loan to go on that girl’s weekend, it will be worth it! Just make sure you pay them back ;)

11. Travel as much as you can!
It can be the best way to learn about your strengths and weakness' and everything else in between! You meet some absolutely sublime people and see some pretty cool sights at the same time! Memories last a lifetime - corny but true!

12. You will learn what you like to wear and how to wear things
It doesn't come straight away, but it will come.
And if you want to wear those high wasted glitter pants but you think it makes your legs look a lil bigger than you would like - wear the damn pants!! Every persons style is different and fashion is such an awesome way to show off your personality

13. Make the most of your youth!!
Seriously, I could not emphasize this enough. High School and Uni have been the best years ever (I find this saying so funny because I feel like each year just gets better and better)!! If I’m honest, I’ve never really taken life too seriously (unless I had too eg. exams) and I go with the flow and make spontaneous decisions - which may not have been a good or bad thing in the end, but who, cares! Go to school and pass your exams, but make sure you make the most of growing up and "do all the stupid shit that young kids do" - Khalid.

14. Learn to love yourself.
Easier said than done I know, and it doesn’t happen overnight. We are all different people and we have to learn how to embrace ourselves in the best possible light possible! I wish there was a user manual on how to achieve self-love, but sadly there isn’t - and that’s almost the beauty of it, being able to discover the love you have for yourself by yourself :)

15. Confidence is key!
I've always been quite a confident person in more ways than others, but its something i've definitely learnt is important in life as well as being part of my personality. I have had many compliments on my confidence in the past few years and people telling me they wish they had my confidence, which absolutely mind boggles me because I don’t see myself as an overly confident person on the outside (hope that makes sense).
Learn to dance like no one is watching and seriously stop giving a fuck about what you think people think about you.
We have more important things to worry about!

16. Find what you love and pursue it!
TBH, I’m still yet to find something I truly love that I want to pursue for the rest of my life, but I’m slowly getting there! Finding this passion doesn’t mean you have to make it a job, but making it part of your weekly life as a hobby should be important

17. No one deserves to be treated less or more just because of their 'social status'.
Just because they have over 1k followers on instagram doesn’t make them any more or less of a person compared to someone who has 100 insta followers. Treat people just how you would like to be treated, because damnnn karma will get you! If you see someone you know walking down the street, dont just bow your head and not say anything - a smile is better than nothing and makes the reciever feel good! You never know where you will end up in this world so dont be rude and say hello! No one is any better than any other

18. Mums are (nearly) always right!
About 95% of the time they get it right, so put on that extra layer when they tell you even if you think its bullshit...because it will rain and you will get cold and you will quickly regret not wearing that extra layer

19. Drink water!
Now, this is something I have definitely learnt over time and I’m still a bit rubbish at it- pick your battles! I am a massive water drinker these days and easily polish off 2-3L a day. Drinking water shouldn’t be a competition, but the more the merrier...and your skin will seriously thank you

20. What goes around comes back around
This is my life motto and I usually say it on a weekly basis. I believe it to be 100% true - if you do something good then you will receive something good back. I always give way to cars (most of the time) and when I do I always find a car park!! AMAZING!! Seriously though, karma can be a bitch so don’t let her be!

21. Learn from your mistakes
This one is a biggie, hence why I left it till towards the end. You cannot better yourself properly if you don’t make mistakes! You learn from your fuck ups and then move on. Most of the time they make you a better person. So don’t take it hard when you make a mistake, see it as an opportunity to correct it and learn from it! This applies to all aspects of your life :)

22. Trust your gut and instincts.
If you feel that it’s right or wrong to do something, LISTEN TO IT! I know it can be tough - seriously we have all been there, but if your mates are doing something you don't necessarily agree with then it’s as simple as not doing it. This too applies to all aspects of your life (social, relationships, education, decisions etc.) and I am a firm believer of listening to your gut and following it! It's okay to say no!


I hope you guys enjoyed reading my 22 things

I have inserted some pictures of my day below (can you tell i like pink??)

Much love,

Liv x