2018 - The year of me, myself and I



Hello to all - sorry i have been a bit MIA on here! About two weeks after i last posted on here, my laptop keypad and track pad decided to stop working and i was too povo to afford to get it fixed- BUT HERE I AM! Back for 2018!! WOOP WOOP!

I am so excited for this year! So many cool things are in the works which i am pumped about! It's gonna be a good one - i can already tell!

I am writing this post on the day of my 6-month London anniversary and shit have the months flown past! In retrospect it has not been an easy 6 months at all (probably the hardest 6 months of my 22 years- big call??) but i am living to tell the tale - and a great one at that.

I want to do a blog post on moving over to London and the do's and dont's/my experience etc but i need a bit more time to really get that one down pat SOOOOO i thought i would put down a few of my resolutions/goals for 2018.

My goals this year aren't ones that i want to start doing on day one of the year! And they are not ones that are stupidly unrealistic. They don't have a time frame and they are 100% achievable.  They are all things that will happen in its own time, but something i want to accomplish by the end of 2018! They are all personal to me as well (as goals should be) but in the sense that although someone may not think much of one of my resolutions, they are all things i have been wanting to do for quite some time and why not this year! I am your classic person where i say i will do something and will do it next year - not this year honey!

So without further adieu - here we go, and let me know what some of your resolution are- if you have them!


1. Travel to a different place each month (so far so good! I have already been to Edinburgh and Brighton this year as well as Dublin last weekend)

2. Start a savings account!

3. Continue with my 'diary' writing! I have a diary (loose term) i have written in once a day since i left NZ and i'm pretty proud of it! I'm not usually one to stick to things but ya girl is still writing in it!

4. Go on at least one solo trip in 2018!

5. Start and implement a fitness routine!

6. Make an improved effort with my blog! I really love writing and this blog is an outlet for that, so i need to start getting in the habit of doing one post once a week! Thoughts??

7. Create a budget and stick to it for more than 3 months!

8. Get my aura read

9. Go to a psychic

10. Implement a skin care routine - DOING! GO ME!! Even though its just 2 body shop products, my skin has become significantly better!

11. Learn more about my horoscope and about astrology in general!

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