Two of my goals for 2018 was to travel to a different place each month AND to post more frequently (aiming for once a week). A very obvious idea to me was to merge the two together and do a monthly post on what i did in the place i go to in the month. These trips will usually be 2 days max - fly out late Friday and back Sunday so we have one full day in the place of choice!




I am in LOVE with Dublin and want to go back and do more of Ireland - the people are hilarious and friendly, the general vibe of the city is awesome and the city has a fair bit of history (which i am all about)!

So read on below for what i did, where i stayed and what i ate!



We had no idea where a good place to stay in Dublin was, all we knew was that we wanted to stay near Temple Bar. Little did we know that Temple Bar is not just a pub - its a area in Dublin!

We stayed in a hostel called Barnacles which was such a sweet wee place! It is two doors down from the famous Temple Bar (pub) and has free breakfast which includes a mini pancake machine!?! AMAZING and life changing.
Prices were pretty standard in that area of Dublin and we didn't mind paying a bit more for location!

Would definitely recommend staying here if you ever end up in Dublin!


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  • The best way that i have found to see the main places of a city and learn about the history/culture of a place is to go on a walking tour, as they are usually led by a local! We did a free walking tour which went for 3 hours give or take and it was SO GOOD!! We did the South Side tour and went to places such as Trinity College, Dublin Castle and St Patrick's Cathedral and our guide was super insightful and gave us tips on where to get a good coffee!
  • You cant go to Dublin and not do the Guinness Tour! I was around 20 euros and well worth it. We learnt how to pour the perfect Guinness, taste test and then to top it all off get a 360 degree view of the city at the top of the factory. Really interactive tour and learnt a lot - who knew Guinness had more than one type of beer? Not me, but i do now!
  • Wander round! The temple bar area has lots of neat little boutique shops and vintage stores!
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If you know me you will know i am a massive foodie (@nzfoodie101 go follow pls and thank u)! We ate really well in Dublin and weren't disappointed!

  • Brother Hubbard - we went here for Brunch on Sunday and it looks tiny on the outside but the place was huge! It is a middle eastern styled menu and the food was BANGIN!!! We both thoroughly enjoyed our meals and didn't stop talking about the place all day!
  • The Rolling Donut - we stumbled upon this beauty and we were so glad we did! We shared the lemon curd one and the banoffee one (which had banana custard) - DROOL WORTHY!!!!
  • Temple Bar - its a must do in Dublin! The bar has serious cool vibes, its huge and packed and live music which makes the atmosphere so much more inviting! We ended up dancing with a local couple and their mate who were hilarious - such a good night! Although beaware, a G&T cost 10 euro - nearly $20 NZD!
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