Ups and Downs - May 2018


Ups and Downs

May 2017

Holy heck! We are at the start of a new month yet again - this year is flying by. I cant deal.

Here is a handful of my Up's and Down's for the month of May... ENJOY!


-Finally getting round to updating my Spotify playlist. I have had the same playlist going since Jan 2016 and it was just getting jam packed of songs i didnt even enjoy listening to anymore and it was frustrating as i would find myself constantly shuffling. I made a playlist the other week with songs i am super consistent with and it is a game changer! SO GOOD!

-My 21'st gift from my Aunty and her family. My Aunty is super talented when it comes to the arts and crafts. She is making each of her nieces and nephews a handmade quilt for their 21st and i was stoked to recieve mine this month. It takes so much time and effort and love to create a quilt so beautiful, and i am super happy with how it turned out. Such a timeless piece i know i will treasure forever. Thanks Jo!

-Auckland. I took a mini trip up to Auckland for part of my UK visa application. I ended up being there two days longer than i had originally planned, but i loved being back with the family and hanging out in Auckland. So much to see, do and eat!

-Open fire. Due to it becoming a lot colder here in Queenstown, we have been cranking the open fire every night and i am loving it!


- Visa mishap. I will be writing a full on blog post regarding UK visa applications, but lets just say there was a major fuck up and i was not a happy gal

- Snow. Snow, in May?! And not just on the mountains. We got a reasonably thick snow fall about two weeks ago and i was not happy. C'mon Mother Nature, at least give me me up Autumn- you took away my summer with snow too!


Music of the month

I have been digging Milky Chance's new album, Blossom. I'm a little late to the party but never-the-less, it has been on constant shuffle! Please give it a listen if you haven't, it is a 10/10 album!


Instagram of the month

I thought i would bring this segment into the monthly 'Ups and Downs' as i am an insta addict and im constantly finding new accounts

@bymariandrew - she is a seriously cool illustrator that just resonates with so many of my thoughts! She is seriously talented!

Check her out!!


I have been digging quirky accessories at the moment! I have been following @made.creations on Instagram for the past three weeks and LOVING their glitter earrings. When i was up in Auckland, i found out she was having a stand at the monthly Factory Markets, and was stoked to grab a pair! I am seriously in love with them and think they are so funky! They are perfect to spice up an outfit!

I also recently brought a pair of pink trainers and i have not regretted it! They are so groovy and just add a pop of colour to any outfit. Especially with it being winter, it can be hard not to wear all black!


Have a happy (and warm) June and see you soon!

Lots of love

Liv xx

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