Interview #1

During the month of June, i will be sharing eight questions from 6 of my friends, each with a different Study experience. I hope for them it was a sense of reflection as well as celebrating their enjoyments. And for you as readers, to gain some insight into different peoples views on studying and hopefully provide some entertainment as an added bonus.
I hope you enjoy learning about these 6 amazing humans!

Ruby Bain

What did you study? What made you decide this was what you wanted to study?

I studied Broadcasting Communication majoring in Voice and Creative at NZBS. I decided to study there because I was and still am super passionate about music and singing but unfortunately I saw the bigger picture and knew it was borderline impossible to get a job singing and songwriting professionally… It was inevitable the closest thing to music was studying Radio so I could be around music everyday.

2. What was your uni experience like?

I never called it Uni, it was like being at school all over again expect way longer hours and you were working with 20 people for 2 years straight. My experience was unlike Uni because I never did exams, but I felt like there was more pressure because it was very cut throat. Of the 23 people who initially got selected to study in the field of Radio at Broadcasting School, only 18 people made it through to the end and even then 16 ended up graduating.
One of the most daunting experiences was getting marked on our “professional practise”, thus meaning the whole class and your tudor judged you on the type of person that you are, how well you work with others, showing leadership and drive in our studies; if you didn’t perform up to our class mates standards we were faced with getting kicked out of Broadcasting School. It was an absolutely terrifying experience but you find out what others really perceive you to be, and you find out the flaws you have within yourself.

Over-all it was funky fun! Would I do it again? No.

3. Do you think you will continue in your field of study? Is there another career you are interested in that isn’t exactly related to what you studied?

Since Broadcasting School I have worked at NZME (New Zealand Media & Entertainment) as a Brand Co-Ordinator in Dunedin for ZM / Radio Hauraki and Flava and I will be moving into a new Christchurch role as a Co-Ordinator for ZM. It will be coming up 2 years since I have left Broadcasting School and I have definitely thought about going back to what I have always wanted to do, studying songwriting in Melbourne. I’m not great with change so maybe give it a year or so.

4.  What were your high and lows of uni life? Studying, flatting, course load, social, personal etc.

I think my ultimate high was meeting incredible, absolutely fucking crazy, eccentricpeople in my class. Some have gone onto some incredible things. One works for What Now as a TV Presenter, another a Producer for ZM and one of my best mates is working on The Edge TV. It’s been amazing watching people grow in such a short time. Being in a class of 20 people for 2 years, we witnessed each others strengths and weaknesses and we bonded; we’re all family and I’m so happy to have been apart of that.

There were some obvious lows. One being that the workload made me completely drained. A lot of the time I was fighting to stay at Broadcasting School with my not so great Professional Practice and there were many tears… But also a lot of beers!

Another part of Broadcasting School that fucked me up was the sales saga! As a class we collectively had to bring in $80k worth of advertising (ads that you would hear on our student radio station). I think our individual targets were $2,500 or something ridiculous to pass the course. If you didn’t pass sales by the time July came around you were thrown out of Broadcasting School. When I finally sold to Squash Canterbury, some Mall and a couple of after school group’s I can’t remember their name’s, it was a huge sigh of relief. I think I sank a 24 pack of Speights that night. You have no idea the effect “Uni” life could have on someone. It’s a lot of pressure to do good but at the same time it did make me prove to myself that shit like that isn’t impossible and the sleepless nights are worth it!

5. Sum up your experience in 1 sentence

The most stressful and rewarding years of my life.

6. Any tips/tricks to getting through the uni grind?

Remember you are a student. You need to enjoy being young, get the titties out, pull the hair down and crack open a cold one. If you stay locked in the studio throughout your “Uni” years you will regret it when you throw your cap in the air - yes people who utilise their Saturdays socialising and Sundays as a write off, do end up beside you in the graduation line wearing their graduation gown!

7. What do you see yourself doing in the next 5 years? Location? Goals?

I hopefully see myself growing in a media or music company. Whether it be in London, Australia or back to where I started in Dunedin. I want to make sure that I am happy; that’s my number one and the rest I don’t really mind - I’m sure it will fall into place.

8. Any final words?

High School ROCKS!

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