Tiki Tour in our backyard

Hello people of the world wide web!

As I'm still working on what content i want to put out onto this blog, i thought for the time being that i would just blog whatever i was feeling at the current time.

And tonight (10:56pm) i wanted to share my day with you guys!

I am so lucky to live in a beautiful country, and more lucky to live in a beautiful town - Queenstown. Now if you are unaware of where that is/what it looks like, I'll give you a chance to give it a cheeky wee google and to collect your thoughts. BEAUTIFUL, RIGHT?!

stunning. marvelous. amazing. words. can. not. describe.

Queenstown is beautiful, there's no doubt about it. But living here for the past 21 years, its nice to get out of the growing town and into Queenstown's backyard- Wanaka (please give this a cheeky google image, you wont be disappointed).

Today, my friend Bethany and I decided that we would venture off to Wishbone Falls (after seeing a few cool instagrams), which is near the Rob Roy Glacier. Now, i had no idea where on earth it was, but after a few minuted google mapping, we found the road & we were off.


It was STUNNING!!! & it was a stunner of a day, which made it even better.

[I've inserted some pictures below to give you an idea of what we were dealing with today]

It was so so so nice to get out of Queenstown for the day, with the crazy traffic and even crazier drivers out there. And, with it being Autumn now, the colours were so fresh and lush. so lush. I know it sounds weird saying that i enjoyed the smell of the fresh air (because us Kiwis are so lucky to have rather clean air) but the air in the glacier area was 10/10.

Overall, it was a simply stunning day.

I would 100% recommend to anyway that wants a day trip to Wanaka, to go to Wishbone Falls/Rob Roy Glacier (although we didn't walk it, the carpark was great).

Enjoy the rest of your evening/day, and i shall see you next time!

Liv x

Ps. After 17 years living in NZ, Bethany is finally a New Zealand Citizen *clapping/cheers*, and to celebrate she ate her first ever Feijoa!

Oh happy days!

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